Maldas Resille, Casablanca

This project aims to shield the façade of an existing company building in Casablanca (Morocco), through the use of a sunblind.

facade A

The general concept and the forms are taken from the main characteristic elements of the Moroccan and Islamic culture and its symbolism in order to integrate the building with the context in the best way, but also to seek continuity of the forms of contemporary buildings.

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The idea is to use very thin aluminum panels carved, representing the geometry based on the hexagonal shape, rolled up on a structural frame hooked to the facade of the existing building.


This design is a reference to the fabrics and carpets of the Moroccan tradition, with their decorative geometries.


This solution also allows an easy assembly of the structure, with a high degree of prefabrication that allows easy assembly directly on site. In fact, the aluminum strips are easily applicable by winding on the supporting steel structure.



The material used, steel and aluminum, are also compatible with North African environmental and climatic conditions. In fact, they will have to withstand atmospheric agents such as humidity charged with oceanic salt, the sand moved by the winds and the constant solar irradiation.

Maldas Resille curva Picture # 5