Maldas Escalier, Casablanca


Design of an internal staircase for a showroom in a commercial district of Casablanca in Morocco. The stair had to link the exhibition space with a mezzanine for offices.

Pianta edificio

Pianta scala

The intervention consisted of the insertion of an architectural element in an existing space. The design had to follow constraints from an aesthetic and structural point of view.

Pilastro 3D_2

The staircase was made of a helical pillar and two ramps with an acute angle between them, creating a dynamic form. The shape has been also dictated by static necessities to unload the loads in specific points. At the same time, the forms tried to match with the existing interior.

P1 / S2:



The materials used are: cement conglomerate for the structural part with a smooth surface to the touch and transparent glass panels for the side parapets. We chose these two rough materials to give a sense of movement and lightness that make this element look like a monolith chipped.

P2 / S2:






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