Caffè Michigan, Casablanca


The bar is in a favoured area of the metropolis, in the corner between two main boulevards. The first one, Boulevard Zarktouni links directly to the ocean passing by the Twin Towers, while the second, Ziraoui, connects to Centre Ville and Hassan II mosque. Furthermore, the place stands by several offices, luxury hotels and high quality shops such as Maserati and Alfa Romeo showrooms. This is why this area is called Golden triangle.

For these reasons, the intervention attempts to increase th building’s qualities, in order to make it consistent with a growing and transforming area, one of the most luxurious of Casablanca.

Vista interna spazio a doppia altezza

Vista 2_piano terra


The riqualification project is based on the implementation of a golden element with a brass cladding, which articulates in the space bending to provide different uses. It’s continuity in the two levels of the bar allows to generate an homogeneous environment. 

Assonometria 2


Assonometria 1

The hall has a new location with respect to the origial position, new flexible furniture allows different layouts such as classical table with chair arrangement, counter with barstool, low sit with desk. On the upper level the area towards Bd.Ziraoui is closed, the toilet area is optimized with an anteroom, and the new counter is placed with street view.

In the short side of the corner the double height is maintained in order to make the inner space brighter and roomier, and make it open towards the boulevard.

Pianta piano 0

Pianta 0(oro)

Vista interna piano terra

Vista 1_piano terra

Pianta piano +1

Pianta 1(oro)

Vista interna piano +1

Vista 3_piano 1

The golden volumes bends several times, providing continuity between the two levels and changing its usage.

Sezione longitudinale


Sezione trasversale


Golden, white and black are the only colors used, with two tones of grey. 

Furniture is rational and simple, in order to fit the design choices, thus the elements are made in a trasparent and white materials material to create harmony with the inner space.

The inside is conceived as a combination of few elements, mainly defined by the golden shape meant to recall muslim traditional brass manufacturing and to be a metaphor for the area of the Golden Triangle. All the other elements are kept as pure and rough as possible, enhancing their material to make it essential and elegant.