Connection, Acceleration, Disjunction

Collider is a proposal for an alternative design for clubs. The goal of the project was to find an unconventional way to conceive a discotheque without any constraints of budget, no fixed program, and no specific site. The proposal consists of a potentially infinite modular structure, a linear process that embodies and casts all of nowadays chaos, being a concentrate of virtual information, an interference in the built environment…

The Collider appeared one day like nothing happened.

The virtual network of connections that bound the Earthlings was so dense that seeing it become an endless steel organism passing by their houses was not such a shock.

Just like a virtual platform, everyone from any part of the planet has started to interface with the Collider. Speakers and panels installed inside keep on playing anything that’s shared with it, all along the length of its skeleton.


They call the dance-pilgrimage that happens inside “Acceleration”: just like particles in accelerators experiments of the 21st century, those who cross the Collider don’t belong to a precise area in space and time: a withdrawal from the surroundings to experience the speed of light.

Such a practice might imply several hours of homecoming, but even pre-Collider generations felt disoriented after a night at the disco.


Some skeptics are reluctant to accept such a self-evident paradox: the ultimate achievement of absolute connection on Earth results in an untraversable fracture in the cities, a sign of disjunction between humans and their environment.

But who uses streets anymore, anyway?

The show provided by the Collider is way more entertaining!




Alessandro Bellieni