Tropical Rain

Pioggia tropicale

Tropical Rain is a proposal for an installation in a Brazilian restaurant. The owner wanted to expand his restaurant and restore it. One of the new rooms contained an old plumbing engine which regulated the course of a canal next to the building. The engine stood in the middle of the room as a monumental object and it was perfectly preserved and still working. 

Pioggia tropicale

The aim of the project is to value the shape of this engine as a sculptural object, preserve it and integrate this old machine into the Brazilian atmosphere. The installation consists of a cage made of more than 1 km of transparent nylon strings fixed to two foil plates on the ground and another one locked to the ceiling. The strings are positioned in different rows in front of the engine which partially hides the machine behind a transparent cage. Into the foils on the floor, two neons light up the strings with a red light. 

Pioggia tropicale (senza testo)

The installation is inspired by the tropical rain of the Amazon forest, a transparent and shiny rainfall made of tiny strings. The strings envelop the engine which becomes like an ancient ruin surrounded by nature. The red color shaded on the strings reminds of the bright Brazilian fruits and bright colors.


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