Kid’s Factory, Laveno Mombello

The main actions of the project are the rehabilitation of parts of the former pottery of Laveno Mombello, and the proposal of new nine buildings.


Experiences are the foundation of growth and curiosity is its engine. Kids are naturally pushed by their instinct to invent unexpected situations and magnificent worlds to discover. The explorer attitude of the kid who learns while discovering, is considered the design starting point of the project.

To stimulate the kid’s creativity the project suggests an “elsewhere”, an artificial universe defined by an enclosed fence which contains new spaces where shapes and colours are melted with sport and cultural activities for kids from all over the world.

Aerial view


Through the study of the architectural elements of the former pottery of and taking inspiration from the universe’s structure made by worlds and by the space in between them, the project reinterprets the space in the main warehouses as a cosmic space with craters and fluctuant objects; so, restoring  and completing the octagon designed by Piero Portaluppi, the project finds the opportunity to design new planets freely placed in plan, but coherently set in elevation, containing facilities such as a library, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a theatre, a climbing gym, a secret garden and a panoramic tower. Both sport activities and cultural ones are designed to be funny as part of a game.

Plan 0
Transversal section
View of the free space

In the exterior the design-approach is similar: the open green surface is intended as a cosmic space where campers could stay, while small gardens are designed to cover the rigidity of the existing corners. In the exterior entrance area is located a sharing bike station to promote the discovery of the lake while in the central part of the open space takes place a pet-center to promote the benefits of the interaction with animals.  

The V-shape building hosts accommodation facilities and supports a big sphere which contains a magnificent planetarium.

Plan 1
View of the Planetarium

The planet shapes are covered with coloured-potteries which recall the history of the place and give a new character to the former factory. The new planets with their shapes brake the monotony of the existent warehouses and give them a new flexibility, while the design of the free space between them generates infinite paths, giving kids the possibility to move freely and have fun.

Plans and sections of the planets:


Veronica Lazzaro, Raffaele Mangini