The history of Cremona is made by jewelry

Design of the away uniform of U.S.Cremonese 1903, located in Cremona, who plays in Italian Serie B championship. The team has unique social colors: red and gray which have characterized the team for over 117 years.

“When the senses allow you to enjoy the wonders of the cosmos, they steal you from the world and present you emotions, reflections and spaces to dream.
This happens when we stop hanging on the threshold of art.
You sink in this dimension and accept to get lost and compare with the unknown.
An uncommon and precious matter, that with its sound attracts you, receives you; it is a violin, that tells you the history and the secrets of a city known as Cremona and its jewels.”

Cremona, is known for all over the world, through his refinement express by the monuments, art and music. The violins’s marbling is one of the features of the instrument that gives glow and movement.

The proposal of the game uniform refer to the synthesizing of the marbling texture, an indistinguishable element of the refinement of Cremona. The design is varied by four red lines that they remember the violin strings, that as if plucked, with their vibration, underline the profile of Torrazzo bell tower. The blend of these elements, produces a real jewel.