Luxury garage

Luxury garage is a true piece of art which adds aesthetic value to its surrounding designed in “Universal Resources” the company which is the owner of the product and its concept.

These are self-standing structures with complete automated roof. The louvers can be open for air ventilation applicable to all seasons throughout of the year. The sides of the structure have glass panels which can be operated automatically or manually.

The structure emphasises the cars inside and embraces ergonomic design. This structures are extremely pratical which can be placed and relocated to any terrains optimazing the space required. 

The structure is designed for being customised (color, dimension) according with the car and the environment where it will placed in.

The structure can be placed wherever desired. Not only it will be part of the environment, but also the structure and the car togheter will become a landmark of the space where they are placed in.

It will, with his minimal and pure shape, protect and valorise every model of car.