Desert house

The tiny structure is located in the desert, inspired by the Bedu tent. The concept can be placed not only in the arid environment, but anywhere is desired.

The villa is the recalling the traditional layout of the Bedu tent. The concept underlines the idea of division between the Raba’a (man side) and the Muharrum (woman side) in order to create two different areas. In the Bedu tent the mentioned breaking line is called Qata. In the villa, this line has been translated in a double concrete partitions, generating a service zone among the two walls (hosting the main entrance a tiny kitchen and a double washroom). The remaining parts of the house are attached to the service stripe and are made by steel and glass. A good transparency for gazing outside toward amazing view all around the structure. The concrete walls of the core behave as a support for the loads of the steel frames.